Royal77 Sport Betting- Getting started as a Beginner


A review of the main concepts of Royal77 Sport betting that beginners often have questions about.

Sports betting online is something that just about anyone has the potential to succeed in. All it takes is an interest in a particular sport and the desire to win some money. However, don’t start until you know the basics of Royal77 Sport betting, where we created a full casino and sportsbook platform and made it user-friendly for everyone.

In this article we’ll take a look at:

  • The type of bets you know understand and focus on as a beginner
  • Understanding the odds

Royal77 Sport Betting Types – Money Line

Out of every kind of Royal77 Sport betting type we offer, the money line bets are the easiest for beginners to understand. The money line bet is basically betting on a particular team’s money line, or that that team will win the game.

As an example, if you love to see Real Madrid win, then you place a wager on their money line.  And if they win, that makes you a winner of the bet. However, if they lose so do you.

One thing that many experts suggest is not to only bet on your favourite teams to win. It’s better to be as realistic and objective as possible when you consider the statistics and make your bets.

Point Spread

The second most common bet type at Royal77 Sport is the point spread. For instance, if you’re betting on a spread, you are making an educated guess about not whether or not they will win or loss. But by how many points. 

Prop Bets

A “prop” (proposition) bet is not placed on the end result of a game, or final scores. But rather on certain occurrences throughout the game. For example, a player prop is a betting a particular players achievement. Like how many points he’ll score during the match.

Another type of prop bet is a game prop, which is on something that will happen in the game. Such as which of the two teams will get to 10 points first or which team will score before the other.

The Odds Explained

Understanding the odds is the key to deciding which bets are worth making. Therefore, the first step to becoming a successful at Royal77 Sport betting is to figure out how much money you want to wager, and which bets are going to give you the best odds of winning.

There are three main formats that odds are displayed as. These are, American, Decimal and Fractional, and each serve two purposes. They tell you about the probability of the outcome attached, and how much money you could win by betting on that.

Odds also tell you how much the sports book takes for your bet, in a casino this is the “house edge”. But sports bettors refer to it as the “cut”.

It’s worthwhile to spend a little time studying the different odds and bets you can make within the sports or events that interest you. However, with Royal77, you already have the assurance of getting some of the fairest odds currently possible.

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