Royal77 Casino – Roulette Player Wins $27, 231 Online


Every day, Royal77 Casino sees its fair share of winners, like this recent roulette player who turned a few hundred into thousands.

Roulette is mostly a game of luck. However, with the right strategy, some players are making very impressive wins. Recently, one player of Royal77 Casino made a deposit of just under a thousand dollars and went straight for the roulette table.

Amazingly, a few hours and many lucky spins later, he had over $27 thousand in his account. What an incredible way to spend a few hours online.

Royal77 Casino Roulette Selection

As one of the oldest, most classic table games at Royal77 Casino, roulette has always been widely popular. Moreover, that popularity continues to grow as game providers come up with even better and more exciting variations of the game. There’s something for everyone in the table game selection of the site. Just as there is in Royal Slots and Royal Sport betting.

For example, aside from the original variants like European, French and American roulette, you’ll also find tons of new ones. Some of which are only available online, since they are purely software best.

But what’s the best way to play the game of roulette? And is it possible to use the right strategy to win a lot of money consistently?

The Best Roulette Format

Anyone with any kind of knowledge of the game would agree that European and French roulette are the best. That’s because unlike the American wheel, these two versions only have the single zero slot. So, they have a much lower house edge and give the player a better chance to win.

In addition to playing on a European wheel, you might also consider how you’re playing the game. For instance, if authenticity is a huge deal for you, as it is for many players, you would definitely love the Royal live casino options. Where you can play the exact same as if you were there at the table. You’ve seen how beautiful and friendly looking our dealers are. Consider playing at their roulette tables for the most realistic and exciting games of roulette ever.

Is There a Strategy to Win Roulette?

The game of roulette is very different from a skill-base game such as poker. Still, many brilliant mathematicians have worked hard to come up with different strategies to beat the odds. Therefore, yes, there are roulette strategies that players use to try and win more money. The only thing is these strategies aren’t exactly what you think.

Rather than a strategy to win as many rounds of roulette as possible, betting systems focus more on the big picture. For example, they tell you how and when to increase your bets, so that you are more likely to gain back previous losses or make more money when you’re on a winning streak.

The only way to determine which system works best for your style and your bankroll is to test them out. Which you can do either for free or for real money at very low minimums at Royal77 Casino.

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