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Here are the best Royal77 live casino games to play if you’re main interest is winning some money.

Playing casino games online is something that millions of people do every single day all over the world. However, out of those millions, a very small percentage is in it just for the fun of the game. In fact, most people find the biggest part of the thrill is in the fact that you can win money. For those people, we present the Royal77 live casino games with the best odds of winning.

Royal77 Live Casino House Edge

Before you play any casino game, the first thing you should consider are you odds of winning. Which also go hand in hand with the casino’s house edge on that game or type of bet. For instance, although all Royal77 live casino games have a fair house edge and provide excellent chances to win. Some have slightly better advantages than others.


Fans of Royal77 love that they can enjoy the game in all of its many formats and variations. Most of all, they appreciate that blackjack gives them the absolute best odds of winner compared to all other games.

For instance, the house edge in blackjack is always between 2-5%, which puts players at an almost equal probability with the dealer of winning. When playing Royal77 live casino blackjack, always keep in mind that it is you against the dealer. And you can win just by beating them, rather than aiming for 21 on every hand.


Baccarat is the most popular casino game in Asia, even beating slots in some countries. Which means that Asian players may have figured out one thing, that baccarat is among the best games to play in terms of odds.

In fact, when making either the banker or the player bets in baccarat, you get an almost 50% chance of being the winner. Putting this game in the top three casino games to look for, if winning is your first goal. Which is not to say it isn’t also a lot of fun to play, because it absolutely is.

European and French Roulette

The game of roulette gets a ton of refreshing upgrades online. Whether you’re playing live or standard games, you can also count on the widest variation in bet types out of all games. However, the classic French and European versions are still the most popular Royal77 live casino games of roulette.

That’s because when you make the outside bets on this game, that is the “safer” bets. Such as betting on a color or a large group of numbers, you get incredible odds of winning. On even- money bets, your odds are as high as nearly 50%. Which rounds out the top three games to play as even money roulette bets, baccarat, and the best one, blackjack.

Of course, these games are only a few out of many others that you can explore at Royal77. There are many other games with similarly great odds.

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